It's bumble bee season

I know because one of the little fatties found its way into my kitchen, which of course drove the cats bonkers. It stumbled through the air between the window and the overhead light for an hour or so while I cautiously tried to catch it in a glass so I could re-integrate it into the wild like the caring liberal that I am. Eventually it bumped into the cabinets and basically fell out of the air, making it easier to catch on the ground.

Clumsy bumble.

Now that I think about it, it must be hard to be a fat little mockery of a honey bee with undersized wings. Isn't that what they are really? Bumbles can sting, but I think it's uncommon, and they're fuzzier than honey bees, which makes it look like someone's 8 year old kid sister saw a bee and decided to cuten it up a bit. "I want him fat and soft, and shrink his wings because they make him harder to hug, and no stinging!"

I imagine early bumbles looked like this:

(drawing by me, age 31)

April 22nd, 2008